Jan. 9th, 2013

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I said I'd start writing back and reading and all of that last night, but yesterday evening Evan got really sick to his stomach. I spent the night cleaning up vomit. That's one of the not so fun parts of having kids. He's really sick with stomach flu. Noro virus (however you spell it) is going around. So many people are getting it. It has been going around for three ir four weeks now. I'm pretty sure that's what Evan has, given how sick he is plus the fact that it's going around. Poor little guy...he just got over the normal flu, and now he has stomach flu. At least stomach bugs don't usually seem to last more than a couple days. Hopefully he'll be better by the weekend. I feel so bad for him. Throwing up sucks, but I remember thinking it was the worst thing ever as a kid. I know Evan thinks it is. He cries every time he throws up, which is a lot. I hate seeing him so miserable. He was crying and said, "Dad, make it stop! I don't want to throw up anymore." I felt so bad, because there's really nothing I can do. :\


So yeah...due to the fact that I have one very sick kid, I'll most likely be missing from here for another day or two, at least.


I feel really bad, because I absolutely HAVE to go to work tomorrow because I have meetings. I wish I could just stay home and take care of Evan. Oh well...at least he has Jenny. Taking care of a baby on top of a kid who has stomach flu is a pretty big workload, so I also feel bad leaving her to deal with that on her own. She'll be fine, but I still wish I could stay and help or just work from home so I could still be there. But no can do.


So yeah, I'll talk to you guys later. I hope all is well with you.


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