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Does anyone have any magical cures for postnasal drip? I know I've asked about sinus stuff before, but the postnasal drip thing in particular is what's driving me insane right now. I'd rather have a sinus headache, I think. I'm pretty sure I've tried everything, and nothing works. I'm about ready to just chop off my head. And my neck. Or at least remove my throat. I don't know, but it's driving me fucking crazy.

I have a lot of stuff to write about, like obviously stuff about the wedding and honeymoon and all of that. But honestly, I'm too lazy to do it right now. I've been reading journals instead to try to catch up on at least some of what I've missed in the past week or so. I still have a lot to do as far as that goes, too. But yeah, writing about everything is going to have to wait until I'm less lazy or until I have more of an attention span, or ideally, both of those things. I'll settle for one though.
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I'm married!!!!!

The wedding was perfect. Jenny looked so beautiful. She's always beautiful, but I don't think I have ever seen her look as gorgeous as she did at the wedding. Of course, I might have just thought that because I was marrying her that day, but she looked absolutely amazing. The wedding was really nice, and the reception was a lot of fun. The honeymoon was the best part though. We had such a good time together.

I'll write more about it later. Honestly, I just want to go lie in bed right now and do absolutely nothing. We got back from our honeymoon yesterday afternoon, but we had to unpack, get the kids' Easter stuff ready, and stuff like that yesterday. Then today we had Easter stuff to do pretty much all day. We just got home from dinner and an Easter egg hunt at my grandma's house. We have basically been on the go since we got home yesterday, so I just want to relax. Especially since I have to go back to work tomorrow. Ugh. I wish we were still on our honeymoon.

I am so incredibly happy right now. I couldn't be happier. :)

I'll catch up with you guys and write about the wedding and honeymoon and everything tomorrow or the next day. It's lazy time now. I hope you're all doing well!
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Holy shit, you guys...I'm going to be married 48 hours from now!


Tonight is my last night with Jenny before she's my wife, since she's staying over at her sister's house tomorrow night. After tomorrow I won't see her again until the wedding 24 hours later, give or take a little. It's so crazy that this is the last night we'll ever spend together as an unmarried couple. I know I already said that, but I hadn't really thought about it like that before. It's so weird to think about it like that. Exciting, but weird.


Seriously, how is the wedding the day after tomorrow?! That's so crazy. I swear the butterflies in my stomach are turning into pterodactyls.

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Hahaha Evan just told me that I say Boston wrong. I spent the first 20 years of my life there, and I reminded him of that. His response was, "Well you'd think you would know how to say it right then." Lol.

It's because he says it "Bah-ston" like most people do, and people from Boston say it with a longer "O" sound than that. Not a full long vowel sound, but with more "O" than "ah." Like an "owh" or "awh" sound...I don't even know. I don't know how you'd spell it out. I only have a tiny hint of an accent left, but I know there are some words I say with a slight accent, and Evan ALWAYS notices and points it out. He mostly points out words with an "ah" sound in them. I have mentioned more than a few times that I don't like the Boston accent, and I never had a real thick one. But now it's almost entirely gone and I'm very happy about that. Getting rid of the accent was partially due to conscious effort, but most of it just kinda went away with time. I'm trying to think of the word Evan always points out. "All" is the one he has probably pointed out the most. He thinks I say "dog" funny. It sounds normal to me. Jenny said it doesn't sound very much different than the way she says it. She said the vowel is just a tiny bit different. But Evan thinks it's hilarious.

That little story is probably way more amusing to me than it is to any of you haha. I just thought it was funny that he told me I said it wrong, even though I'm from there and he's never been there.

One of these days I'm going to talk to him with the thickest Boston accent I can possibly muster all day long and see how he likes that.
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I need a drama-free entry, so this will just be about random things.

Tomorrow is the last day of work until April 1st! Hell yes! I'm so excited about that. I don't have to work for the two days before the wedding, and I have all of next week off for the honeymoon. I'm not going to even do so much as check my work e-mail once as soon as I leave work tomorrow. Not until I go back. It's going to be so nice. I'm sick of work right now.

Do you know what's just about the best thing ever? Reese's Minis. The tiny ones, that come in a bag unwrapped. They're amazing, and seriously addicting. "Servings Per Container: about 6" Hahahaha yeah right. Not even. More like two. Possibly three. Do you know what else are fucking delicious? Peachie-Os. Those gummy peach ring things. I'm happy to say that I have both of them right next to me right now.

There are so many shows about aliens on TV. It's insane. Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens are rednecks? Oftentimes redneck farmers. I find that interesting, and pretty telling. It's funny. I just turned on the TV and there's nothing on, so I'm watching this new alien show on the Science channel. Right now they're talking about aliens being so intelligent and evolved that they're robots. Do you know what show I find fucking hilarious? That Ancient Aliens show. Some of the stuff is weird and kind of interesting, but most of it is just plain ridiculous. It's comical. Michio Kaku is on this new show? Nice. It's called Aliens: The Definitive Guide. At least this one has some science to it, unlike Ancient Aliens. They just need to put Neil deGrasse Tyson on here. He's the coolest scientist out there, by far. Michio is pretty cool too though. Just not in the same way.

I was flipping through one of Jenny's Cosmo magazines, and holy shit...the way they phrase things is so fucking stupid. I wish I had it next to me for specific examples. I could go get it, but I don't care that much. Plus I'm lazy. But some of the things they write in there are just ridiculous. I'm mostly talking about what they say and how they say it, not the subjects they're talking about. It's funny to read. Speaking of women's magazines, there are so many ads in them. It's insane. I know that all magazines have a lot of ads, but DAMN! And even a lot of pages that aren't technically ads are basically ads, because they show beauty products, clothes, jewelry, etc. and tell you how much they are and where to get them. That's basically still advertising. It's ad, ad, scented ad, ad, page full of stuff that's basically an ad, ad, smelly perfume ad, ad, article, ad, another perfume ad you can smell, ad, ad, article, ad, quiz, ad, ad, perfume smelling ad, and so on and so forth.

Damn, I already ate half of this bag of Reese's minis.

They have too many celebrity or semi-celebrity competition celebrity shows. Now there's one about swimming? Seriously?

There are too many stupid reality shows in general. They should just give me one. Even the short description you'd get on your TV for the pilot episode would be more interesting (or at least more intriguing) than most. "A recovering addict and his borderline ex-wife remarry and raise their two children in a household that's anything but normal."

That's not entirely true...aside from our relationship, our household is pretty normal. Our relationship is a pretty big part of the whole household thing though, so I don't know. But that's enough relationship stuff for this entry.

Ella has started pulling herself up and standing while holding onto the coffee table. Maybe she'll start walking soon. She'll be 11 months old on Saturday. This is the baby who was too lazy to crawl for a long time though, so who knows. But it seems like she's on the path to walking.

Steve Carrell is on Chelsea Lately and he has grey hair. It's weird. I wonder if it's for a role or if he's going with the grey thing now. Either way, it threw me off.

I can't imagine having grey hair. I have yet to find a single grey hair. I hope it stays that way for a long time. I know some people who started getting grey hairs when they were quite a bit younger than I am. 33 might not be all that young, but it's too young for that. I think I'm safe though. My dad had dark hair and it stayed that way for a long time. It was still dark with no visible grey hair when he left us. I'm trying to think of how old he was then. Early 40s I guess. And my mom is in her mid-fifties and doesn't have very much grey in her hair. She dyes it, but she doesn't have very much grey naturally. So I think I'm good for a while. But when I'm not, I'm dying it. I can't imagine having grey hair. At least not before the age of like...60.

I don't know what other random things to talk about, so I'll just stop here.
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Daylight Savings Time is so fucking stupid. Arizona has the right idea not doing it. It was created for farmers, since so many people made a living that way, but come on now...how many people are farmers nowadays? Not that many. Most of us don't need an extra hour of sunlight early in the morning. I'm willing to bet that the majority of people would rather have an extra hour of sleep. I know I would.

I really don't want tomorrow to be Monday. I really, REALLY don't.

Just had to bitch for a minute.
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Ella and I are sitting here watching
Friends. She woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I went to get her and brought her downstairs with me, since I'm still up. She doesn't want to be held, but she doesn't want to play on the floor. Each time I have tried to hold her she pushed away from me, so I gave up on that. And if I put her down to play, she cries. Finally I tried just plopping her down on the couch next to me, and that's what she wanted. It's funny though...now that my phone is out she's trying to crawl in my lap. Once I put it away she goes back to wanting nothing to do with me, except sit next to me occasionally pinching my leg. I'm writing this in bits and pieces. The second she sees my phone come back out, she starts climbing on me again. Every baby I have ever known has been obsessed with cellphones. Phones and TV remotes. Ella has two toy phones of her own. She puts them to her ear like someone is talking to her haha. It's cute. She does that with anything she thinks resembles a phone. But the second a real phone comes out, she doesn't give two shits about her toy phones. She's mad at me right now because I keep pulling my phone away when she tries to grab it. She has this angry whiny shout type thing she does when she's mad, accompanied by a serious angry face. She has yelled at me and given me that face multiple times since I've had my phone out haha. I would put it away, but she wants nothing to do with me when I'm not holding the phone, so I don't see the point. She doesn't want me to hold her. She doesn't want me to read to her. She doesn't want me to play with her. And she just pinched me again. She's such a little brat haha. I love my little brat so much though.


I stayed home sick from work today. The headache I had yesterday just kept getting worse, and it didn't start feeling better until like 4:00 in the morning at the earliest. It was bad enough that it kept me up. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to make it in to work, so I sent my boss an e-mail a little after 5:00 saying I wasn't coming in. I finally fell asleep at 7something. I usually take Evan to school on my way to work, but Jenny took him today so I could sleep. I slept all. fucking. day. Literally. Apparently Jenny woke me up around 3:00 to tell me she was going to go pick up Evan from school. Ella was taking a nap so Jenny handed me the baby monitor so I could hear if she woke up. She told me I just mumbled "Mmmhmm" and didn't even reach to put it on the nightstand...just dropped it onto the bed next to me. She didn't wake up, and neither did I. I FINALLY woke up three hours later. At 6:00pm on the dot. I have no idea how I slept that long. Jenny said she tried to wake me up when she got home from picking Evan up, but I have no recollection of it. I thought I'd be up all night since I slept all day, but it's 1:15 and I'm tired. I guess I just really needed the sleep.


This is an extremely uninteresting entry,  I know. I just needed something to do while Ella sat here not wanting me to bug her haha. Now she's asleep halfway in my lap. It's pretty cute. I don't want to move her, but I can't sleep sitting up. Hopefully she'll go back to sleep if I go put her in her crib. If not, well...sucks to be her, because I'm going to bed.

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Do any of you guys know of any vitamins or not entirely crazy herbal supplements that help with energy? What about ones that help with sinus issues?


I need some type of energy booster besides caffeine. I just never have energy. I slept in really late today...as in I got up two-ish hours ago, and I'm already ready for a nap. Low energy is the norm for me a lot of the time.


And as for the sinus stuff...when it comes to well-known/mainstream remedies, you name it, I've tried it. The Neti pot/bottle (just sinus rinses in general), nasal sprays, and medicines only do so much.


Feb. 10th, 2013 09:42 pm
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I only watched bits and pieces of the Grammys because frankly, I don't give a shit. But Jenny HAD to watch Justin Timberlake perform, of course. I've gotta hand it to him...the guy is talented. If I were a girl or gay (meaning actually gay, not how gay I seem sometimes), I'd do him. Haha.

The Bob Marley tribute was disappointing. It was cool that Ziggy and Damian Marley both performed, but I think they should've done more. The whole tribute should have been more than it was. It was a lousy tribute, in my not so humble opinion.

I only caught a little bit of Jack White's performance, which would've been the only one I actually really cared about. That dude is a bad ass. Oh well. Jenny went to watch the rest of it downstairs after the Marley tribute, so I shut it off because I wanted to read. Then she told me Jack White was on, but of course I didn't turn it back on in time to see anything but the last 30 seconds of it.

When that band fun. won Best New Artist I shut it off for good. I fucking HATE that band. Hate them. Now that "We Are Young" song is stuck in my head, and I hate that song more than just about any song ever. Maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but I seriously hate it. The fact that it's stuck in my head makes me mad. It had better get out of there.

Katy Perry looked hot announcing the award though. I wasn't a big fan of her dress, except for the cleavage part. Oh my God, how femme and/or gay am I, commenting on someone's dress? Lol. But yeah...she's hot. The dress was sexy in the chest area, for sure. Aside from having a nice rack, she's really pretty. So there's that.

And now I'm going to go do something a bit more mind-stimulating. I've been meaning to start this book I got for a week now, and I haven't. Now is a good time for that, because I sure as hell don't want to go watch the rest of the Grammys with Jenny. She cares, I don't.
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I keep updating this stupid entry haha. That's ok. Beyonce is on right now, and apparently Ella likes her. She's bouncing around doing a little baby dance. It's pretty fucking cute. She's learning how to be bootylicious at a very early age.

I don't especially like Beyonce, but damn...she can shake it like no other. Jenny was like, "You're paying way more attention to Beyonce than you have to the whole Super Bowl so far." I told her that if the football players had bodies like that and could move like that, I'd be paying attention to them, too. Well, maybe not guys with bodies like that...that would be a little weird. But you catch my drift. I'm not a fan, but I have to admit...Beyonce is pretty fucking hot. She has an amazing body. I love curves like that.

I just realized that I can't root for the 49ers. If they won, they'd have more Super Bowl wins than the Cowboys. So I'm pulling a Romney and flip flopping. This Super Bowl is kinda boring so far. So far the commercials aren't too great, either. Evan laughed his ass off at that Doritos one with the goat though. When the goat made that weird high pitched noise, Evan about keeled over and died laughing lol. It was pretty funny to watch him. Now he wants a goat instead of a dog. So easily swayed...

Speaking of Evan, here's a little conversation we had about an hour ago:

Evan: Dad, why are you wearing a Cowboys hoodie?
Me: Because they're my team.
Evan: Yeah, but they're not playing.
Me: I know. And with the way they've been playing for a long time now, they'll probably never play in the Super Bowl again.
Evan: So why are you wearing their shirt today?
Me: Because I don't care about the other teams, so I'm supporting my team.
Evan: Yeah, but WHY? They're not playing, so it doesn't matter.
Me: I just felt like it, Ev. It's the principle of the thing. I guess. I don't know.
Evan: You're weird.
Me: I know.
Evan: Maybe next time you should root for a team that's actually playing.
Me: Probably.
Evan: You should probably learn how the Super Bowl works, Dad.


Everyone thinks it's weird that I like the Cowboys. I'm originally from Boston and spent 20 years of my life there, so I "should" like the Patriots. I fucking hate the Patriots though. It started as an act of rebellion lol. Well, as a kid I liked the Cowboys star, because I thought it was cool. But after that, it was kind of a rebellious thing. Pretty much everyone loved the Patriots, so I decided to hate them. My dad was a huge Patriots fan, and that was the deciding factor. I sure as hell didn't want to like his team. So I went for the Cowboys. I hate all Boston teams for the same reason. I don't like baseball AT ALL...I think it's boring as fuck. But I'd wear Yankees stuff sometimes just to piss off all the Red Sox fans. That rivalry is CRAZY. People actually get fucking pissed about that. Bostonians hate the Yankees so much it's insane, and vice versa. So yeah, that's the story of why I like the Cowboys. Plus we were fucking AMAZING back in the '90s, when we had Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. Now the Cowboys are just sad, and they have been for quite some time now. It's a little disheartening.

Evan just cracked up at another Doritos commercial. I see who's winning his "best commercials" vote.

I'm really not paying much attention to this game. The best part of it is watching Evan's reaction to some commercials lol.

Jenny is paying attention to a couple of the football players that she thinks are hot, and claims that football players have "cute butts in those tight little pants."
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Evan has been begging us for a dog for quite a while now. I told him that we have a cat, and that's good enough. He said it's not the same. Jenny was on my side, but apparently she's starting to shift sides. She and Evan are watching the Puppy Bowl, and when I got up to get a drink, Jenny came with me and said, "Those puppies are really cute. Maybe getting a dog wouldn't be so bad."

I'm going to bring one of these things home. I'm pretty sure she'd eat her words.

Actually, no...because I'd be the one cleaning up dinosaur shit.

Sorry if I post a bunch of random entries today. I'm bored, and like I said earlier, not too interested in this year's Super Bowl.
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Jenny sent this to my phone, and it made me think of some of you haha. Actually, quite a few of you. And maybe myself, too.

Super Bowl

Feb. 3rd, 2013 01:32 pm
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I don't really care about the Super Bowl at all this year. I kind of don't really even feel like watching it. Not only am I blowing off a Super Bowl party, I might just blow off the Super Bowl altogether. Or at least most of it. I can't really see myself watching the whole thing because I just don't care that much. I don't care about the 49ers. I don't care about the Ravens (although I want them to lose). I sure as hell don't care about Beyonce.

I'll probably watch it anyway, although I think a nap sounds like a much better idea.

Jenny wants to see Beyonce. Evan wants to see commercials. B and his friend actually care about the game. So I care the least out of everyone haha. Except Ella. Ella's on my side. She doesn't care either. B's girlfriend made this amazing salsa, so I'm going to eat the shit out of that. I guess I'm excited about one thing.

It's weird to be so apathetic about the Super Bowl. But, uh...go niners!
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I fucked myself. Not literally. Jenny said I reminded her that she needed to buy more of her eye cream. So that's how I fucked myself, by asking her a question about it. She said she needed that and some primer something or other...I don't know what. I just said "ok" without really listening. Her purse was upstairs, so she asked for my debit card instead. It's the same account, so it doesn't really matter. We have separate ones too, but yeah...that's beside the point. I just looked at our bank account and she just spent $238 in like five minutes on the Sephora website. I asked her about it, and she said, "Uh...well, yeah, I needed some other stuff too." I said, "Needed or wanted?" and she said, "Well, a little bit of both." Haha.

God, women are expensive.

I guess I can't talk. I buy myself stuff on Amazon on a whim. Not over $200 worth of stuff at a time though. Damn. She can spend money so fast it's ridiculous. It took her no time at all to find and buy everything she wanted or "needed." She grew up getting everything she wanted, and really, that hasn't changed much. A little, but not much. I'm an enabler lol.

Ross and Rachel are breaking up, and it makes me sad. It's a sad episode. I think I might cry. Not really. It is sad though.

Seriously, though...being a guy is SO much less expensive than being a woman. It's insane. It's especially less expensive than being Jenny. I will never understand how or why she needs to continually spend so much money on things like that. It's like it's never enough. I think maybe she has a little bit of the Hungry Ghost inside of her too haha.

I need to go take NyQuil or something. It's 1:30 and I'm wide awake. I won't be able to sleep for hours. I'm afraid NyQuil will knock me out for way too long though. This is quite the dilemma.

We're supposed to go to a friend's house for a Super Bowl party tomorrow. Jenny doesn't care either way, and I kind of don't want to go. I'd rather just stay home and watch it with B. I know his friend is coming over to watch it, and I'd really rather just have my friend Nick come over and watch it with B and his friend at my house. I'm such an old, boring fuck now. I'm spending my Saturday night at home on the internet, and I want to stay at home being lazy for the Super Bowl instead of going to a Super Bowl party. I'm just going to blame the little cold I have instead of my age and boringness (yes, that's a word...at least in my book). Then I can feel less lame. Well, I guess staying home on a Saturday night is pretty normal for me now that I have kids. But skipping out on a Super Bowl party to sit at home? That's a once a year thing. I shouldn't want to stay home for it.

Dammit, Ella just woke up. Jenny is asleep, so I'd better go see what she needs. Probably nothing. She just likes to cry in the middle of the night. I think she enjoys waking us up. It really does seem that way sometimes. Well sorry, Ella...but I'm already awake. You lose your little game this time.
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Damn, now that song is going to be stuck in my head.

Jenny just said that I'm officially a woman lol. She hinted that she wanted to have sex, and I said I didn't feel like it. So she said, "You don't want to have sex, you're talking about under eye cream on the internet, and you're watching the Kardashians. Congratulations, babe. You're officially a woman."


I need some chocolate. Oh, sweet...I just remembered the chocolate cake and cheesecake. I am just FINE with being a woman tonight if I get that.

For the record, I didn't say I didn't want to at all tonight. I just don't feel like it right now. I should get at least a few "man points" if I change my mind later, because I'm pretty sure the majority of mine have been taken away.

Oops, I just deleted my last entry. I thought I was deleting a comment I made on my phone to change it to a response, but nope...I deleted that entry. Hahaha. I'll just re-write it later. But not today. Way too fucking lazy.

I'm pretty sure I have a cold, or am coming down with one. I guess that would explain why my nose has been bugging me so much the past couple days. But now I have a sore throat. My nose isn't bugging me as much, but my throat is. Dammit. Oh well. It could be worse. I'll survive. It's not all that bad.
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I'm sitting at a family party and I'm bored, so I'll make a short entry here. I'm just waiting for dessert. Cake AND cheesecake!

Ella actually kind of crawled today. KIND OF. She took one half-assed step, or whatever you call one little crawl movement. Then she almost did another one but just kinda dragged one leg and plopped down. Like always. She's so lazy. Good thing she's cute.

Speaking of Ella, one of my worst fears has come true. She loves Elmo. Fuck my life. I was hoping she'd skip the Elmo phase. I'm going to have to relive the terror all over again. Hearing "La la la la la la la la Elmo's world!" hundreds of times is pure torture. Luckily we're not there yet, but she has this talking Elmo book that she loves. I hate it. I want to smash the talking part of it, or take the batteries out, or just throw the whole thing away. Jenny said I'll be in big trouble if I do lol. Normally I wouldn't want to do that to something one of my kids love, but fuck. She has a giggling baby Elmo, too. Elmo was even annoying as a baby, apparently.  I hate that little red furry motherfucker so much. They should just get rid of Elmo entirely now that the guy quit after that whole scandal. I wish. Elmo is an annoying pedophile who teaches kids to speak in the third person. If you can't tell, I REALLY hate Elmo!

Both of my kids are cheesecake freaks. Good taste. I wish I would've taken a video of Ella eating it. I think it was the first time she's tried it, but I'm not sure. Every time we'd give her a bite, she'd yell "Mmmmmmm!" and a couple times she even did some kind of growl type thing with it lol. She was like a little cheesecake monster.

I can't believe I'm going to be rooting for the 49ers tomorrow. That is NOT normal for me. But they're the lesser of two evils.

Man, my stomach hurts. I blame the vegetables. I ate like three whole servings of vegetables today. That's like...at least a whole week's worth normally. But you know...family dinner party. As a vegetarian, that's kinda what you eat. Vegetables and rolls. And of course dessert. I really am the worst vegetarian ever.

Sweet. Now it's time to go home. I've been writing this forever haha. Jenny made me get off my phone for a while to go visit more. I thought they were visiting just fine without me, but I guess not. Jenny's brother-in-law and I were told to shut off the video game and put away the phone and come visit haha. We said we were visiting with each other. Jenny and her sister gave us both the same look at the same time. A look that obviously meant "I'm not kidding, do what I say and get your asses in here now!" The women in Jenny's family have looks like that perfected. Seriously. Jenny doesn't even have to say anything a lot of the time...I can always tell what she's thinking or what she wants just by the looks she gives. Jenny, her sister, and her mom are all insanely good at that. Jenny especially. It's crazy. I knew she meant business when she gave me that look, so my phone went in my pocket immediately lol. And Jenny's sister's husband game went off immediately. Looks can be powerful.

Home. Nice. I'm going to go sit around and be lazy. Well, not for a couple hours, I guess. Ella can go to bed as soon as we get home, but there's no way in hell Evan will go to bed before 10:30 on a weekend. Absolutely no way. Even when he's really tired, he refuses. He says it's his right lol. I don't even try to argue with him. He's as stubborn as I am...which is really fucking stubborn haha.

I have to go help Jenny with Ella's whole bedtime routine now. I'll be back later, un less I go read. But my ADD doesn't usually let me do that for very long stretches of time haha. If you guys are doing anything for the Super Bowl, have fun and don't cheer for the Ravens!

This turned out to be not so short. Like usual.

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DAMMIT. Now that stupid song is going to be stuck in my head.

Ok, it's time for a short, positive entry to kind of balance things out.

Here's a list of things that I think are pretty amazing right now:

- Donuts
- Friends. Could I BE any more obsessed with that show?
- Diet Coke (Ok, so some of these would be on every list of amazing things I would ever make, but that doesn't change the fact that they're amazing right now.)
- When the weather forecast says that it's going to snow and then it doesn't. That happened today.
- The fact that it's not supposed to snow for almost another week
- Water. Because I'm really thirsty right now for some reason. Water seems to be the best thing for that. Imagine that.
- Playing Solitaire on my phone
- Brody Dalle. Just like Friends and Diet Coke, she's a regular staple when it comes to things I love. But I was just listening to The Distillers, so that's what made me think to put her on this list.
- The fact that tomorrow is Friday
- Amazon.com
- These new pajama pants Jenny just bought me. They are seriously the most comfortable pants ever, in the history of time. I want to wear them all the time. I don't know exactly what it is about them that makes them so comfortable, but they're fucking amazing.
- Sinus rinse things. The bottle kind, not the Neti pot. So like a Neti bottle. So much easier than the stupid pot. Because of my deviated septum, the Neti pot is just fine on one side, but it doesn't flow right on the other side. The bottle is way better. Hmmm...I need to go use it again, because my nose is still driving me fucking insane.
- Hoodies
- Jenny's special little ball chapsticks. I don't care if it's girly...they're cool, they work well, and they taste good. The brand is like eos or something. I don't know what it stands for. They're cool though. They're like, balls. I don't know. But I may or may not have one of them in my desk at work and one on my nightstand.
- Peppermint bark. It kinda tastes weird after putting on fruity chapstick though. I should've gone for the mint one, but one of Jenny's fruity ones was right by me so I used it. Totally ruined the peppermint bark, but my lips taste good haha.

Ok, that's enough for now. I need to at least start thinking about going to bed.
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I SWEAR I'll catch up with you guys tomorrow evening/night. I was going to the other night, but I was otherwise engaged. As much as I love talking to my "little internet friends," when it comes to sex vs. LJ, sex will win 95% of the time. And it won last night and the night before, when I was planning on getting back in the know of LJ Land. Well, Sunday I was planning to. Last night was date night, so I kind of figured I'd be occupied for the night. Luckily I was right haha.

I would do it right now, but I'm way too tired and I need to actually try to go to sleep really soon because I have a lot to do tomorrow. I'm going to have a really busy work day, and then I have therapy right after work. I can't be sleep deprived, because I'll be on the go all day. Plus it's probably best not to have a foggy head for therapy.

So yeah, until then, here's Ross imitating a velociraptor.

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Jenny just bought me an e-cigarette. My mom stayed here while she went to buy it, since I'm basically under lock and key tonight haha. She brought it up to my office where I've been secluding myself (what else is new?). She said that if I'm going to chain smoke in my office, I should try the e-cigarette, because she said you can smell the smoke in the hall. My office is the only room in the house where smoking is allowed. That was the rule I made when I bought it. But I only have the window open a crack because it's fucking freezing outside and I've been chain smoking, so I guess the smoke scent isn't confined to this room like it usually tends to be. I usually have the window open more than just a crack. Plus I usually spray Febreeze and sometimes light candles, but I don't give a shit today. So it has been pretty smokey in here. Now I'm supposed to try this damn e-cigarette. I've had drags off of other people's before and didn't think much of them, but I've never had my own before. So far I don't know what I think of it. It's ok, I guess. But a real cigarette is so much more satisfying. I wonder if the nicotine content of an e-cigarette is close to that of a real cigarette. I don't know. But I know I real ones better. Jenny has been wanting me to try e-cigarettes for a while now anyway, since they're not nearly as bad for you. I don't know. So far I definitely prefer my real, normal cigarettes, but maybe I'll switch on and off. At least for now, so that I can continue to chain smoke in my office. Chain smoking is gross, I know...but it's a hell of a lot better than what I could be out doing, given the way I'm feeling right now.

Those of you who have tried e-cigarettes...what are your thoughts on them, and what are your favorite kinds/favorite brand?

This really isn't the same, but at least it's still menthol. The ADD/ADHD part of me likes that it lights up at the end every time you take a puff of it haha. So that's one good thing it has going for it. That and I sit here amusing myself by blowing smoke Os since it's just vapor, and I'm not holding like...tar and shit in my mouth to do it. Blowing Os with a real cigarette is just kinda gross. That should be left for hookahs, smoking weed, and apparently e-cigarettes haha.

I'll catch up with you guys later and respond to the comments you left for me. Right now I'm just too fucking drained and still really emotional, so I can't think clearly at all...let alone focus on reading and think of things to say in response.
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I'm still bored, so here's a list of things I've learned recently:

- "Eskimo" is not a term you're supposed to use to describe people. It's Inuit, not Eskimo. I kinda think they'll always be Eskimos to me though.

- When Jenny asks for input on little wedding details, she doesn't really care what I say. She already has her mind made up before she asks me, and she's just going to go with what she wanted in the first place. I guess I already knew this though haha...it's not just a wedding planning thing. I didn't learn it recently. I just took notice of it again recently. I don't really care about the little details, so whatever. It's fine. She cares about what I think when it comes to the bigger things, but the little things? Not so much. And seriously, that's ok with me. It's kinda funny that she always asks though, because I know she doesn't care what my answer will be, so asking me is pointless.

- How I Met Your Mother is pretty amazing. I don't know why I didn't watch that show before. I started watching it a couple months ago, and now I love it. I'm only to season four though. It's taking me a while because I haven't had much free time.

- I hate snow more and more every year.

- Cats spend 2/3 of their lives sleeping and humans spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping. I knew sleeping was a waste of time.

- The first condoms were made of linen in the 1500s. Something tells me they probably weren't too effective. It doesn't sound too comfortable, either...for either person.

- Tom Waits was Heath Ledger's inspiration for his portrayal of The Joker. Not surprising. Tom Waits is fucking weird. And if you YouTube "Tom Waits Joker" a video will come up of an interview where he talks exactly like the Joker and has similar mannerisms.

- Monkeys peel bananas from the bottom. Or squeeze them out, or whatever they do. But they open them from the bottom. Supposedly you don't get banana strings that way.

- People with O blood types are more susceptible to Norovirus.

- Pennyroyal Tea is used for stomach/digestive problems. I never really knew what it was. I just knew the Nirvana song.

- Tard (Grumpy Cat) is a girl. I guess that's semi-common knowledge, but I always thought it was a boy. It looks like a boy cat to me. That cat's face never gets old.

All very useful information, obviously.


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