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This entry is not important at all. I'm just procrastinating.

I need to do a shitload of Christmas shopping today, but I really don't want to. I hate shopping around the holidays. Especially this close to Christmas. I hate the crowds. I hate the lack of parking. I hate all of it. Every year I tell myself that I'm going to do all of my Christmas shopping early, but it never happens. Ever. Jenny and I did all the shopping for the kids together, but that's about all I've done, except for a few things for Jenny. I still have quite a bit more to get for her. I haven't even started buying for the rest of my family, B, or any friends. Ugh.

I'm working from home for half a day, then taking the rest of the day off to go shopping. I'd rather go to work all day. Seriously. I'd rather work overtime. Actually, I'd even rather shoot myself in the face. Oh well. That's what I get for waiting until the last minute. Guess when I'll do my wrapping? Probably Christmas Eve. Maybe some of it on the 23rd. Jenny has everything done...shopping, wrapping, all of that. I still haven't learned to do that though. I probably never will. Jenny and my mom both say waiting until the last minute like that is a guy thing. I actually do kind of agree with that. When you go to the mall a few days before Christmas, you see A LOT of guys. My sister is the same way though. She also waits until the last minute.

I love Christmas, but I hate everything leading up to it. I've been bitching about it lately, so Jenny called me a Scrooge. Whatever. Bah. Humbug! Seriously. I get called Scrooge pretty much every year lol. I just hate the holidays. I want a personal shopper to do all my shopping for me and someone to do all the wrapping so that I don't have to do anything.

Christmas shopping on like three or four hours of sleep is going to be fucking miserable. Ugggghhhh. I hate my life. Not really. Just today.
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Wow...my kid isn't a spoiled brat at all lol. (Total sarcasm there.) He borrowed my phone, went into notepad, and wrote what he called his "complete list" haha. If he thinks he's getting every single thing on this list...well, he's not lol. Here it is, copied and pasted:


Evan's Christmas list


Wii u
Crayola light up drawing thing
Crayola air brush thing
Hary Potter legos I don't have yet
Star Wars legos I don't have yet
That new Lego game
Pirate legos
Sled with brakes
Mario party 9 game
Pirate pajamas
How to train your dragon movie
Pokemon black 2 for DS
Lego hellicopter
Ninjago legos I don't have
Spungbob legos
Lego star wars wii game. Not clone wars cuz I have it but a different one
Lego batman Wii game
Super smash bros brawl Wii game
Epic Mickey 2 game
Diary of a wimpy kid book 7
Star wars angry birds stuffed animals
Vtek dinosaurs
Green chucks
Pirate chucks I desined from you cuz you said.
Kid camera
Power rangers megazord
Nerf gun


Ask Santa what he's getting me and what he's not getting me you and mom can.


Oh, can we? Lol. Thanks for your permission, Ev. He's a bit greedy. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to remember every specific Lego set he already has. It's going to take some detective work. Maybe Jenny will know. Kids, man...


Dec. 28th, 2011 10:09 pm
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I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know we did. Jenny surprised me with an amp that I really wanted. I also got a few video games, some DVDs, clothes, stuff like that. We got Evan a TON of stuff. I think we went a bit overboard. That seems to happen every year though haha. Oh well, I'm glad we're able to do it. I got B a new acoustic guitar, which he was REALLY excited about. I got Jenny a Kindle Fire or whatever, and a bunch of other smaller stuff. Well, I guess the necklace I got her doesn't really count as "smaller stuff." Not at all. Nice jewelry isn't cheap! But Jenny loves it, sooo she gets it. Evan didn't forget about the bracelet he wanted to get for Jenny, so I caved. I don't think a kindergartner needs to give his mother a $250 bracelet, but he wanted to get it for her SO bad. He had his heart set on it, which I thought was pretty cute. Apparently he has very good taste in jewelry, because Jenny loved it. He also got his little "girlfriend" jewelry for Christmas, although it definitely wasn't anything like what he got for Jenny haha. No way am I spending more than like $20 on jewelry for his 5-year-old so-called girlfriend lol. So Jenny took him to pick something out for her. I have created a monster by feeding into Jenny's love for jewelry all the time. Evan really is convinced that he has to get jewelry for girls. I'm screwed lol. Oh well, his little girlfriends aren't getting diamonds until he can buy them himself.

Evan said another thing he shouldn't have said. He didn't swear this time, but he did something I specifically told him not to do. A while ago I had a talk with him about never saying anything about Jenny "getting fat," since that's what he called it before. Well, he did. We were watching The Santa Clause and he made a joke about Tim Allen's character "getting a big, fat, round tummy just like Mommy," AND of course he said it in front of her. I don't remember EXACTLY what he said, but it included what I just mentioned, word for word. There was more to it than that. I just don't remember what his actual joke was. I know he was kidding, but I had specifically told him NEVER to say anything like that, and especially never to use the word "fat" around Jenny. So much for listening to Dad, haha.

I have only felt the baby move like twice since I felt it the first time. I'm sure I'll feel her move a lot more later on though, and it's not like the first time was very long ago. It is seriously the coolest feeling. I've noticed that I automatically rest my hand on Jenny's belly a lot, like when we're just sitting around or lying in bed. I don't even do it on purpose...my hand just goes there automatically. I didn't really notice that I did it so much until B's girlfriend said something along the lines of, "It's so cute how you always have your hand on Jenny's belly!" I knew I did it sometimes, but I didn't realize just how often. Jenny doesn't mind, so it's all good. In fact, a lot of the time she puts her hand over mine. It's kind of nice. I guess I just like being able to feel the baby, whether she's moving or whether I'm just putting my hand on Jenny's rapidly growing baby bump. I like it. I'm cheesy, I know. I'm just really happy and excited about the baby. Jenny is almost 21 weeks pregnant, so more than halfway through! I can't wait. :)
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I'm sorry for not replying to anything...I will. I've just been REALLY busy getting everything ready for Christmas. I procrastinate WAY too much, so I had to do a shitload of wrapping today. But yeah, I just wanted to post something really quick.

I just got done playing Santa. Being Santa is a lot of work! Not so much the putting out the presents part, but all the rest of it. It's fun though. Evan is REALLY excited. It took me a while to get him to go to bed. I finally told him what my mom used to tell me...that Santa wouldn't come if he didn't go to sleep lol. So he did. Having a kid makes Christmas so much more fun. I remember how Christmas seemed so magical when I was a kid. It's nice to be able to see it like that again, through Evan's eyes.

Now that Jenny and I are done being Santa and Mrs. Claus, we're going to just lie in bed watching Christmas movies. Well, probably one movie. We'll see. I'm not really tired, but I need to be. I know Evan is going to wake us up really early. No doubt about that.

I felt the baby move for the first time today! I wasn't expecting to be able to feel her move for another week or two, but I did today! Evan, B, B's girlfriend, Jenny and I were watching The Muppet Christmas Carol (Evan AND Jenny's favorite lol). I had my hand on Jenny's belly, and I felt the baby move! It wasn't a big kick or anything obviously...it's too early for that. But I felt her move a little bit! It was exciting. Such a cool thing to feel. It's weird but cool to think that at Christmas next year we'll be married with another baby. At least I hope we'll be married by then...we still haven't set a date. Jenny wants to make sure she's not "fat," which she never is. But I know she wants to lose whatever baby weight she gains first. But anyway, feeling the baby move for the first time today made me really excited. It's pretty cool that I felt her move for the first time on Christmas Eve.

Jenny's out of the shower now, so I have to go watch whatever Christmas movie she picks with her. I hope you all have a great Christmas! I know we will. :) To those of you who don't celebrate it, have a great day too!
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Sorry to post one entry right after another, but I thought the one about B was deserving of its own post.

I haven't heard from Allison. Not one word. I'm starting to think that Steve told her that he talked to me. I can't think of any other reason that she would just leave me alone completely. It has been SO nice though. No complaints! Maybe this whole thing is over and done with. I sure hope so! Whether it is or not, I still feel so incredibly relieved after everything that Steve told me. Allison's complete lack of contact just makes me feel that much better.

I'm supposed to start thinking of baby names. Jenny basically put me in charge of choosing her first name. Obviously she'll veto it if she doesn't like it lol. It's not like she wants me to be 100% responsible for it...ultimately it will be a joint decision. But said she wants me to come up with at least a few names I like, since she named Evan. I got off easy with him. I knew I wanted part of his name to be Jeremy, after my twin, obviously, but I didn't want to actually call him Jeremy. I think that would have been weird. Jenny picked the name Evan, but we liked the sound of Jeremy Evan more than Evan Jeremy, so Evan's first name is actually Jeremy. We have just never called him that. Soooo since I got off easy with that one, I have to be more creative with this one and actually think of names that I like. Well, I have a few names that I like, but I need Jenny's middle name ideas. It would help if Jenny would settle on a middle name, so I at least had something to go off of! I'm making it sound like it's ALL up to me, but it's not. Like I said, ultimately we'll decide on a name together...first and middle. But yeah...that's something I'm supposed to be thinking about. I guess it's kind of cool.

I feel like Jenny's pregnancy is going by SO slowly! She's still in the 17th week. Toward the end of it, but still. It probably seems like it's going by slowly because of all the problems she had during the first trimester. That, and because we're both so excited. It seems like it went by a lot faster when she was pregnant with Evan! Of course, that's only how it seems in hindsight. I'm sure it wasn't really that way. It probably seemed like it was taking forever then, too. Jenny and I are just SO eager and excited to meet our little girl, and Evan can't wait to have a baby sister. He's still REALLY excited about the baby, which I'm very happy about.

Ugh, I still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do. The shit with Allison put me even further behind than I would have been otherwise. I still would have been behind, like I always am, but not THIS far behind. I'd better get on it, fast, before the crowds get even worse. Thank God for online shopping...at least I can do some of it that way. About half of what I've bought so far was bought online. Haha. It's the easy, lazy way to shop! It's nice to be able to buy stuff in the middle of the night, and not have to go anywhere.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm watching Bad Santa right now. I love this movie. It's on MTV though, so it's edited and there are commercials. Oh well. I was surprised that MTV was actually playing something I like. I don't really want to get started on the subject of the shit that is MTV though haha. I have this movie, but somehow the DVD disappeared. The case is there, the disk isn't. Very convenient.

Anyway...I suppose I'll shut up for now. It's nice to go be able to post about happy things again though. :)


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