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Ella and I are sitting here watching
Friends. She woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I went to get her and brought her downstairs with me, since I'm still up. She doesn't want to be held, but she doesn't want to play on the floor. Each time I have tried to hold her she pushed away from me, so I gave up on that. And if I put her down to play, she cries. Finally I tried just plopping her down on the couch next to me, and that's what she wanted. It's funny though...now that my phone is out she's trying to crawl in my lap. Once I put it away she goes back to wanting nothing to do with me, except sit next to me occasionally pinching my leg. I'm writing this in bits and pieces. The second she sees my phone come back out, she starts climbing on me again. Every baby I have ever known has been obsessed with cellphones. Phones and TV remotes. Ella has two toy phones of her own. She puts them to her ear like someone is talking to her haha. It's cute. She does that with anything she thinks resembles a phone. But the second a real phone comes out, she doesn't give two shits about her toy phones. She's mad at me right now because I keep pulling my phone away when she tries to grab it. She has this angry whiny shout type thing she does when she's mad, accompanied by a serious angry face. She has yelled at me and given me that face multiple times since I've had my phone out haha. I would put it away, but she wants nothing to do with me when I'm not holding the phone, so I don't see the point. She doesn't want me to hold her. She doesn't want me to read to her. She doesn't want me to play with her. And she just pinched me again. She's such a little brat haha. I love my little brat so much though.


I stayed home sick from work today. The headache I had yesterday just kept getting worse, and it didn't start feeling better until like 4:00 in the morning at the earliest. It was bad enough that it kept me up. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to make it in to work, so I sent my boss an e-mail a little after 5:00 saying I wasn't coming in. I finally fell asleep at 7something. I usually take Evan to school on my way to work, but Jenny took him today so I could sleep. I slept all. fucking. day. Literally. Apparently Jenny woke me up around 3:00 to tell me she was going to go pick up Evan from school. Ella was taking a nap so Jenny handed me the baby monitor so I could hear if she woke up. She told me I just mumbled "Mmmhmm" and didn't even reach to put it on the nightstand...just dropped it onto the bed next to me. She didn't wake up, and neither did I. I FINALLY woke up three hours later. At 6:00pm on the dot. I have no idea how I slept that long. Jenny said she tried to wake me up when she got home from picking Evan up, but I have no recollection of it. I thought I'd be up all night since I slept all day, but it's 1:15 and I'm tired. I guess I just really needed the sleep.


This is an extremely uninteresting entry,  I know. I just needed something to do while Ella sat here not wanting me to bug her haha. Now she's asleep halfway in my lap. It's pretty cute. I don't want to move her, but I can't sleep sitting up. Hopefully she'll go back to sleep if I go put her in her crib. If not, well...sucks to be her, because I'm going to bed.

Date: 2013-03-06 09:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] phantomtantrum.livejournal.com
Honestly babies and cell phones it's an epidemic and they KNOW the real from the fake!

Date: 2013-03-07 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xxmadsenxx.livejournal.com
It's so true. They know the difference from a VERY early age. There's no fooling them.


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