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Jenny was teasing me about downloading the LJ app as soon as I got this phone haha. It was one of the first things I put on here. How nerdy is that? Lol. She also teased me about it a little when I first put it on my old phone, too. She was like, "Oh God, now you can talk to your little internet friends wherever you go. How adorkable! Nerd." Lol. This time I got "You are so adorkable, making an app to talk to your little internet friends one of the first things you put on your phone. And I thought you were on there a lot when you just used the computer for it! It's kinda cute, you little blogger, you. But you know Evan would disapprove of anything but Angry Birds and that Smurf game being the first app on there!" It's true, haha. Evan seems to think that my phone is also part his phone. Oh, and "adorkable" is not a typo. It's a regular word in our vocabulary, and it's a term of endearment haha.

Speaking of endearment, Jenny has been so sweet since that fight we had on our trip. I think finally having sex the other day probably helped things. So that's good.

I actually slept great last night, and Trazodone actually helped without knocking me out all day! It kept me asleep for about nine hours. I went to bed early. So at like 11:00 and I fell asleep at like 11:30 or maybe a little before that. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to sleep. I didn't have to get up until an hour and a half-ish later than usual for work day (so 8:30) because I have meetings for half the day starting at 10:00, so I'd pretty much just be sitting around until then anyway. By this afternoon I'm going to be SWAMPED with work because of the holiday on Monday. Tomorrow, too. I think I'll have to work late both days. Possibly Friday too, because for some reason one of our clients seems to have trouble getting their shit together after a holiday, even though it's just one day. They're the client who fucks shit up a lot as it is. If it were up to me we'd drop them, but we can't because they're one of our main clients and bring in way too much revenue to get rid of. Ok, enough boring work talk. Hey, at least I can talk to my little internet friends at work sometimes since I can do it on my phone. (For people I've added over the past few months, Jenny half-jokingly refers yields you guys as my little internet friends haha.)

I have to leave in like 15 minutes. Ugh. It's going to be a long day. At least I actually got a decent night's sleep for it though. That will help. Ok sorry, this entry was super boring. Have a good day!

Sleep app

Oct. 7th, 2012 12:21 pm
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Proof from my phone that I get really shitty sleep. Yep, there's an app for that! There's an app for everything, I swear.

For some reason when you share it no matter how you share/save it, it only does a thin strip of it, so you can't see how high it spikes. The tall spikes go off my phone, whether I hold it vertically or horizontally. The higher the spike, the lighter the sleep. For a lot of the high spikes (probably the highest ones) I was awake. I woke up like 10 times during the night. It had to be 10 times. When you're in deep sleep, the graph points are supposed to be beneath the dotted line near the bottom. So yeah...it said I spent 46% of the time in deep sleep. That averages out to about four hours. Four hours broken up, but still. I know no one is in deep sleep for 100% of the night, but 46% seems really low. The stupid picture doesn't show all of it. The spikes were really high this morning, starting an hour or two before I woke up. They should fix the way it's displayed when you save/share it. It's cut off way too low, and the stupid barcode thing hides the end of it.

It has some pretty cool features. You can set it to wake you up when you're in a light sleep within a certain amount of time before the designated time you set on your alarm so that you aren't as groggy when you wake up. It's a 14 day trial, but I'll probably end up buying it for the wake up features. Plus you can set it so you have to prove you're awake when you dismiss it.

I have no idea how that app works. Movement, maybe? I don't move when I'm actually asleep. Not much, anyway. I wake up in the exact same place and position I fell asleep. Always. So I don't know. You put it on your mattress next to you. It's probably more accurate with one person sleeping in the bed, but I put it on the edge of the bed on my side, so I doubt Jenny really affected it much. Besides, she doesn't really move when she sleeps either.

I took half a Trazodone last night. A full Trazodone knocks me the fuck out for 12+ hours, but half a Trazodone doesn't do anything. When I took a full one I slept all day, but I only woke up like once, and it was because I had to wake up for like 20 minutes. I wonder if the 12+ hours of being knocked out effect will wear off.


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