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Legalized marijuana for recreational use in Colorado. Pretty fucking awesome. I don't smoke it anymore, but I still think it's a good thing. Way to take the first step, Colorado. I bet their population will increase at least a little bit now haha. I'm sure most of the influx will be young people. If I were to go to Colorado whether passing through or visiting for whatever reason, I think I'd actually strongly consider smoking while I was there. Except the reason I don't smoke weed isn't because of its illegality, so I guess that doesn't really make sense. Still though. Pretty fucking cool.

I told Evan he could stay up until midnight at the very latest, because he wanted to see who won. Luckily Mitt ended up conceding even though he wouldn't at first, and President Obama won early enough for Evan to see it. He's six...he doesn't really understand it. But he knows Jenny and I love Obama and hate Mitt Romney, so he goes along with us haha. It's cute. When they announced that Obama won, he started jumping up and down and running around and yelling, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Lol. He's such a funny kid. Ella didn't give a shit, of course, seeing as how she's six months old. And my cat is a Republican. B was really excited that Obama won, too. I'm still glued to the TV. Oh, I made Ella do a little celebratory dance/air toss. She quite liked it, so I guess I can count that as her being happy about the election results.

I'm really happy that we kept the Senate, too. It's too bad the Republicans are still in control of the House, but we've got the Senate and the president...so we win. Hahaha.

I want celebration sex now. Too bad Jenny is asleep. Oh well, tonight is great already anyway.
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FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!

President Obama is still PRESIDENT fucking Obama!!!!!

I can't believe Romney won't concede. What a little bitch.

I can't wait to hear the President's speech.

You guys know I'm pretty sappy. I'm so sappy that it even seeped into my thoughts about Obama winning the election. I was just thinking about how his daughters were probably jumping up and down and hugging him, and how happy and excited Michelle would be, and how they'd be so excited and celebrating as a family. Shit...I'd jump up and down and hug him, too.
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I had to watch the rerun of the Presidential Debate because I was hanging out with Evan when it first aired, so I'm late on this. Obama creamed Romney! That certainly boosted my mood. I DVRed it too, because I'm sure Jenny will want to see it when she gets home, whenever that will be. Good thing CNN replayed it, because I forgot to DVR the first run. Then Jenny and I both would have been SOL.

Jenny thinks President Obama is hot. She always says so. I'll display my "quality" by saying I wouldn't disagree with her. He's a pretty good looking guy. So many of the things I say and do make me seem so gay. That's ok. I embrace my "quality" hahaha. (For those of you who don't know, the "quality" thing is a Friends reference about Chandler seeming gay. I get that pretty regularly lol. Mostly from Jenny and close friends though.)

But anyway, I don't see how anyone with common sense, compassion for other people, and those who don't have sticks up their asses could vote for Romney. ESPECIALLY those who aren't part of the 1%.

I'm such a nerd. The debate is replaying again, so I'm sitting here watching it again. I think I need to go to bed. It's a good, informative thing to fall asleep to. Maybe I'll have intellectual dreams haha.

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Hahahahaha I want this. But $22.50 for a mug? I think not. A mug with his birth certificate on the back is pretty hilarious though.


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