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I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] lightsabove. Well, the first 10 questions anyway. Then I added a few of my own, just because I can.

So whether you guys are old friends or new friends, humor me and fill it out. I know I already know a lot about a lot of you (in a non-creeper way, I swear lol) but it's still interesting to learn more, or even to re-read things I already know. And for the newer people, well...then I get to learn way more than I already know. If anything else, humor me because it's a nice way to take my mind off what's going on in my own life right now. Ohhhh now you've been guilt tripped into it! There's no getting out of that haha. And come on, everyone likes talking about themselves. If you say you don't, you're lying because you wouldn't be on this site. J/k...kind of.

Just fill it out in a comment. Like I said, the first 10 questions I copied. The other however many I decide to add I made up...and that will probably be pretty obvious if I end up adding random strange ones, which I'm sure I will. But there will be cliche ones that get asked all the time, as well. The questions I actually make up will probably be longer since I tend to ramble, as you all know.

01. Username, real name, and do they fit you?
02. Parents, and are you close?
03. Job, and do you like it?
04. Kids, and why or why not?
05. Partner, and are you happy?
06. What are the most talked about things in your journal?
07. Favorite TV show and character, and why?
08. Two other websites you are on all the time?
09. Why haven't you defriended me yet? (I can just answer this for you guys...because could I BE any more awesome? And I'm pretty sure a lot of you get that reference by now, too.)
10. 5 things you like about yourself.
11. 5 favorite bands/singers?
12. If you could hook up with five celebrities, who would you choose?
13. What's your favorite dinosaur?
14. What's your favorite word?
15. What words do you think you use A LOT, or even overuse online and/or in person? No, this is not the same question as the last one.
16. Name five things that fascinate you.
17. What fictional character do you think you're most like? It can be a character from a movie, TV show, book, whatever. Or a combination of a few. They just have to be fictional characters.
18. Name something you've done that you bet the majority of people you know haven't done. Or as many things as you want to name.
19. Should most green candy be lime or green apple flavored? Yes, this is a very important question.
20. What was/are your favorite subject(s) in school, and what were your least favorite(s)?
21. What's your favorite number and why?
22. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Or you can name a few.
23. How old are you? Because I suck at remembering numbers. Not that age matters.
24. If you could have one pet that's not a typical type pet (ie. dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, stuff like that) what would it be and why?
25. Milk or dark chocolate? And don't say white chocolate, because white chocolate is not chocolate.
26. If you could see a concert with any combination of bands, dead, disbanded, or alive, which ones would you choose? Or singers. Whatever. Let's keep the limit to five. Or five-ish.
27. Favorite TV show(s) from the '90s?
28. Favorite board game? Everyone talks about video games, so let's talk board games. Old school entertainment.
29. Are you a morning person or a night person?
30. What's your favorite kind of candy?
31. What's your favorite smell?
32. If you could change your legal name to any name in the world, what would it be? Don't say "I like my name, I wouldn't change it." Let's say you HAD to change it. So what would you change it to?
33. Who's cooler: pirates or ninjas?
34. Favorite hobbies?
35. If you could choose any profession in the world, realistic or not, qualifications aside, what would you choose to be?

K that's probably enough, huh? I could go on all night. It's a good way to take my mind off things plus I'm easily amused. I think the longer I'd go, the more random the questions would get. But something tells me that 99.9% of people wouldn't want to answer 100 questions about mostly random bullshit.

ETA: Whoever does this, don't ramble on and on like I did, or it will take multiple comments to fit it all. Not that I care. Take as many as you want. It's just a pain in the ass for you to do haha.
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I took this from [livejournal.com profile] creepbait. I'm bored and have nothing better to do with my life haha. Jenny has told me before that I have girly handwriting. I think she's just jealous. Not really, because her handwriting is perfect. But I guess she's not entirely wrong. Actually, my sister said the same thing lol. Mine can be much sloppier than this, but I tried to make it somewhat nice, haha. That might equate to girlier. I don't know. It's less girly looking when I write fast, which means sloppily. I don't know what a guy's handwriting is supposed to look like...sloppy, I guess. Sexist gender stereotype!


1. Username/real name
2. Favorite musical artist
3. Write a sentence on the lines of the paper.
4. Location or where you would like to live one day.
5. Draw a heart.
6. Tag the peeps!

It looks like I wrote "pader" instead of "paper." That's ok though.

Perfect timing, now I have something to do with my life. Haha. It's Jenny's niece's first birthday, so we're going over there for the party now.

- Edit: I have a strange family. They decided that they wanted to do this too. Jenny likes any excuse she has to write in pink pen, and she was bored. Evan asked Jenny what she was doing, and he decided he wanted to do it too lol. They're weird.

Jenny and Evan's handwriting )
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I copied this from a friend here because I'm bored as fuck. So, I'll try to think of actual weird (or semi-weird) facts, instead of just facts.

Weird facts about me:

1. I hate salad dressing and I refuse to eat it. Maybe that's part of why I don't really like salad...plain old lettuce isn't that great.
2. I refuse to go on a cruise, because I'm afraid of shipwrecks lol. I'm afraid of the ocean in general. Drowning, freezing, sharks...all of it.
3. I know all the lyrics to just about every Britney Spears song there is. Not even just the singles. All of them. This is NOT by choice. It's Jenny's fault, because she's obsessed with her and plays her CDs non-stop. After years of that, you start memorizing it. Add Justin Timberlake to that, too. At least he has considerably less songs. I don't really mind either of them, but I would never choose to listen to them. If I had to choose to listen to one or the other, I think I'd choose Justin Timberlake. But once again, I would not choose either of them with my own free will.
4. My hair has been every color of the rainbow. Way back in the day.
5. I was in the gifted children's program in elementary school, believe it or not. By the time I got to junior high, my grades went waaaaayyy down lol. I blame my shitty grades in junior high and high school on drugs and alcohol though. So at least I have an excuse, kind of. I was still smart, but I skipped school all the time and didn't do my work. Yes, I actually am fairly intelligent, regardless of how I may come across here lol.
6. My late brother and I are one of two sets of twins in my family. My cousins are fraternal twins though. Jeremy and I were identical. Jenny has two sets of twins in her family, too...both fraternal. With genes like that, thank God we didn't have twins.
7. I'm very allergic to horses. I can't even be around them.
8. I can't stand regular cigarettes. I have to smoke menthols. I guess that's not really a weird fact, but it's a fact.
9. I WILL NOT touch mushrooms unless they're psychedelic. Although I don't do any drugs anymore, so I guess I should say I just won't touch mushrooms, period. But back in the day, those were the only type I'd touch. No psilocybin? No mushrooms.
10. While we're on the subject of foods I won't touch, I refuse to eat refried beans. The texture makes me sick. If something I'm eating even so much as touches them, I won't eat that part of it. I'm really weird about the texture of things.
11. I was an acolyte as a kid. For those of you who don't know, it's a church thing. A Catholic/Anglican (Episcopalian) thing, specifically, although I don't know if other religions do it. They're the people who carry candles and crosses and shit during the processional, and you have to wear stupid robes and a cross. I was raised Catholic, but decided I didn't believe in it when I was 13 and quit going to church. My mom wasn't too happy about that at first, haha.
12. The last meat I ever ate was a hamburger from Wendy's. Not the greatest way to go out, haha.
13. I'm a huge Disney nerd for someone my age. Especially for a guy my age. It runs in the family though. Jenny's family is full of Disney dorks too, so it works.
14. When I drive, the volume on the car stereo has to be on an even number.
15. Jenny says I have girly handwriting. Yet another way I'm "girly." Although that just counts as girly; it's not one of my "gay" qualities haha. Or is it? Maybe. I suppose it could be.
16. I won the sixth grade spelling bee. See? I really was a child genius! Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Actually, it's a pretty big exaggeration. I was a smart kid though. Evan gets that from me. Hahaha. Just kidding. Jenny is really smart too, and always has been.
17. I won't go on ferris wheels. Well, except for the one at Disney's California Adventure, because that's not a normal ferris wheel. Still, I'll only go on the swinging carts on that one. Ferris wheels freak me out. I'm afraid of heights though, so that explains it. I love all other amusement park rides, especially roller coasters, but FUCK ferris wheels.
18. I'm a space geek. The universe fascinates me.
19. I can't go under water without plugging my nose. This goes back to the ocean thing. If I were stuck in the middle of the ocean, I would fucking drown.
20. Speaking of the ocean, I don't like salt. I don't salt anything.
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My sister sent me this music survey thing and I'm bored, so I figured I'd do it. It's kind of a fun one.

1. Choose six bands or artists to answer the following questions.
2. Use the name of a song by any of these artists to answer each question. Include the artist for each song. Answer the questions with as many songs as you want to. The lyrics of the song don't have to apply, just the song title.
3. It might help to open your music player for reference, but more power to you if you don’t need to do that.

Yeah, I had to follow step three haha. Way too many songs to choose things off the top of my head for each answer.

This seems really long, but it's because each song is on its own line. But it's just a few words per line.
Six bands or artists: Rancid, The Unseen, The Beatles, The Doors, NOFX, Bad Religion

Read more... )

I got a little carried away with the number of songs I used haha.

If you guys are bored you should do this! It would be interesting to read other people's answers.


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