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I don't know why this was marked as private. Probably a combination of me being messed up, and the stupid app. This is pretty pointless. All the typos amuse me though, so I'm reposting it for my own amusement. I wrote this at like 3:30 in the morning last night.

If I just posted blank stuff, sorry. I don't know how to delete shit on here and I hate this thing. I wasn't planning in posting yet again but I had to explain the blank ones if you see them. I am just writingvto say I couldn't find out how to get rid of them. I've bugged you guys enough during mty hospital stay haha..

I'm so good at flooding your pages that I can even do it from the hospital. Omg I Am so fuxks up. Autocorrect is pissing me off so I don't even care anymore. I am so doped
Ip. They gave me Ativan to help me sleep and it's not working just contributing to my ducxd upness. They uppemy morphine on top of the IV Ativan and its kicking in a lot all of a sudden if you cant tell byy typing even with autocorrect. Oh man it is both really goods feeling and bad but pain aside it's good. But even though I don't want to enjoy being high i am ans might as well. I could type fine on a computer right now but nit this fuckimg thing.

I'm going home tomorrow! So I'll talk to ylu guys soon and more coherently. Since I'll be bedridden expect me to post a lot of stuff like always but maybe more. IM fucked and going to bed. Good night. Of course I'll get woken up a few times because hospitals fucking suck. But no more bitch nurse.ok goodbye for now until I go hoME'

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This was extremely immature of me, but this nurse was annoying me, so I decided to annoy her back. I admit I kind of gave her attitude when I asked her to quit bugging me all the time. I told her my vitals weren't going to change at least as far as BP is concerned, unless she keeps bugging when I'm sleeping or trying to sleep...in which case it would skyrocket because she'd be pissing me off and irritating me. Jenny made me apologize the next time that nurse came in the room. That's good, because I was kind of a dick. But to be fair, she was a bitch from the start. She kept giving attitude and something about her just bugged me. So I decided to annoy her. I changed my text tone back to that Madagascar circus song and kept texting B repeatedly whenever she came into the room so it would keep going off. I got a new nurse an hour before the other one's shift was supposed to be over. The first bitch nurse was clearly sick of me. I win!!!!!!!!!!! My new nurse is really nice.

The text tone thing wasn't out of character for me, but being an asshole like that to someone was. I think I was just an asshole because I'm in so much pain and I feel really really nauseous and I just want to sleep.

Hahaha Jenny just came over to see what I was doing because she thought I was playing a game. She saw and was like, "you're seriously talking to your little Internet friends while you're in the hospital?" I said, "yep, not the first time today either." Then she laughed and just kind of shook her head at me.

Ok I'd better go. I need some kind of sleeping medicine because I can't sleep and my whole abdomen fucking kills and I doubt they'll up the morphine. I'm still going to ask though.

I'm 90% sure I get to go home tomorrow. I'll catch up with you guys then, because it's a
pain in the ass on my phone and I want to go to sleep.

So really, tomorrow I'll catch up on replying to comments and your entries. I will be in bed all day, after all haha.

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So this stupid app didn't delete my whole first entry that took for-fucking-ever to type because I have to do it on here. I suck at it and the app sucks.

If you want my whole appendicitis story, go back to the entry before the last one. I would link it on here but I don't know how to and I don't care to learn. I can't say it enough...I hate this app.

ANYWAY...the point of this entry isn't to bitch. It's to say I probably get to go home tomorrow! I'll be stuck in bed, but I'd rather be in bed at home than here.

One good thing about writing this on my phone is autocorrect, because I am so fucked up on morphine right now. IV morphine is powerful stuff. At least I'm high for a legitimate reason though, because without strong pain meds right now I would be so incredibly miserable. Appendicitis SUCKS. Bad. It just might be the worst pain I have ever been in. At leasT before the surgery. Even with the morphine and my appendix out it still hurts really fucking bad. It's hard to even move or get up. Still, it's way better than it was. It sucks that even morphine won't kill all the pain but it definitely takes the edge off. And for the record, in case some people don't know, being high, even high out of your mind for medical reasons doesn't count as a relapse. Too bad I'm in too much pain to enjoy it much. But maybe soon haha. Or maybe I don't want to enjoy it, I don't know. But I can and still have it be ok. I'm getting really drowsy and it's getting harder to write this because I keep fucking up so I'm going to try to go sleep.

I hope you're all doing well.

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EDIT: So it didn't delete this one! Just took forever to post it and have it show up.

Wtf I can't even figure out how to delete this blank post I accidentally posted so I guess I'll just turn it into my real one. I HATE this app.

I'm using the stupid app because I'm stuck in the hospital. Thursday night what I thought was my stomach was really bugging me. It started hurting so bad that it woke me up. I was vomiting like crazy and then the pain got even worse. It was a really sharp pain by then. Then it moved down to the lower right side of my abdomen and I was like "oh fuck I have appendicitis." So we went to the ER and sure enough that's what it was. We went early Friday morning. I had an appendectomy shortly after we got here.

So here I am in the stupid hospital for the second time this year. But this time for surgery. Oh my God, yesterday the pain was so fucking bad. Excruciating. Now my stupid appendix is out but I still have to stay here until either Sunday or Monday morning, I don't remember. I'm groggy as hell right now. It is so hard to sleep in hospitals. Plus these meds are making me really groggy. I have a morphine drip, really strong IV antibiotics and IV fluids. I'm still in a lot of pain...the surgery was like 20 hours ago or maybe even less so not even a day.

Fuck this app dude. I'll catch up with you guys when I get home.

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