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Hahaha Evan just told me that I say Boston wrong. I spent the first 20 years of my life there, and I reminded him of that. His response was, "Well you'd think you would know how to say it right then." Lol.

It's because he says it "Bah-ston" like most people do, and people from Boston say it with a longer "O" sound than that. Not a full long vowel sound, but with more "O" than "ah." Like an "owh" or "awh" sound...I don't even know. I don't know how you'd spell it out. I only have a tiny hint of an accent left, but I know there are some words I say with a slight accent, and Evan ALWAYS notices and points it out. He mostly points out words with an "ah" sound in them. I have mentioned more than a few times that I don't like the Boston accent, and I never had a real thick one. But now it's almost entirely gone and I'm very happy about that. Getting rid of the accent was partially due to conscious effort, but most of it just kinda went away with time. I'm trying to think of the word Evan always points out. "All" is the one he has probably pointed out the most. He thinks I say "dog" funny. It sounds normal to me. Jenny said it doesn't sound very much different than the way she says it. She said the vowel is just a tiny bit different. But Evan thinks it's hilarious.

That little story is probably way more amusing to me than it is to any of you haha. I just thought it was funny that he told me I said it wrong, even though I'm from there and he's never been there.

One of these days I'm going to talk to him with the thickest Boston accent I can possibly muster all day long and see how he likes that.
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So, I'm working from home today, and by "working from home" I mean watching YouTube videos and doing some work on the side. I got caught up watching all these videos with Seth MacFarlane because he's awesome and hilarious. He's another guy Jenny thinks I'm in love with lol. She watched a couple of videos with me a while ago, and when he was doing Brian's voice, Jenny said, "You know you want to bone Brian." I played along with it a little too much by saying, "I don't want to bone Brian, but I'd suck off Seth," and then realized that sounded even worse out loud than it did in my head. I meant for it to sound bad, but not THAT bad. Anyway, here's my new favorite quote from him (Seth as himself, not as Brian): “That New England/Massachusetts/Rhode Island accent is the most hideous thing on the planet. It’s so awful.” He said that while talking about Peter Griffin's voice. But hey, Seth MacFarlane grew up in Connecticut, and East Connecticut has the same type of accent. Plus he went to college in Rhode Island, and they definitely have the accent. Eastern Mass., eastern Connecticut, and Rhode Island all have it. So he knows it well. It's the Eastern New England accent, and it's pretty fucking godawful.

You all know I'm a self-hating Bostonian haha. Not really...I love the place, hate the accent. The last time I went back to MA I seriously wanted to cringe almost every time I heard someone talk. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. It was probably only like half of the time. But still. They take away Rs from words that have Rs in them, and add Rs to the end of words that don't have Rs at the end. I like my Rs where they belong. I think that's the part that bugs me the most. That plus the weird, almost nasally tone with some of the vowels. I know there are a few words and sounds that I have a tiny bit of an accent with, but THANK GOD I don't sound like Mark Wahlberg or Peter Griffin or some hybrid of the two.

If work is boring tomorrow maybe I'll just start speaking with a full on Boston accent just to fuck with people. Then again, the two new people are the only ones who would really be weirded out by it. My other employees are used to me doing stupid shit, and so are most of the people in other departments, or at least the people in other departments who work in close proximity to me. I tend to keep my antics in my own department though. I'll get strange looks and reactions from most people at first, but only the new people will think much of it. One day at work I was bored and did something similar. I wasn't bored in the way you're bored when you have nothing to do, because I had plenty to do. I was bored in the ADHD sense. So to keep myself entertained, I'd randomly speak to people in a British accent. I'd talk normally for the most part, and then randomly say a sentence or ask a question in a British accent and then go back to speaking normally. I was highly amused by it, because people didn't know what to think. With a couple of them it's like they were thinking, "Did he REALLY just use a British accent? He couldn't have, he's talking normally now." It's like I could see the back and forth thoughts in their head as they were trying to figure out what the fuck I was doing. It was awesome. Yeah, I think tomorrow will be another day like that. I'm going to add and subtract Rs all over the fucking place. Oh, this woman Linda will be perfect for that. I'll just go up to her and say something like, "Hey Linder, ah ya gonna _________?" (I'll make up the ______ part as I go along), and I need to make sure to tell people that I have an "idear." I'm going to amuse myself by speaking with an accent that annoys me. I'll just ask her something I know the answer to: whether or not she'll be there tomorrow. That will let me use the accent to its full extent. I can say, "Hey Linder, ah ya gonna be hea tomorrah?" Sweet. (Read "Hey Linda, are you going to be here tomorrow?" in Peter Griffin's voice. That's what that sentence would sound like.)

I'm easily amused by stupid things when I'm extremely tired (ok, I'm amused by stupid things almost all the time), and I have a lot of stupid, random thoughts when I'm really tired (ok, that's an almost all the time thing too). That's my excuse for this entry. That brings me to my next point: I need a nap. I got close to no sleep last night because of Ella. That's why I'm not being very productive today. Oh, the joys of fatherhood...

I need Lasik. Well, I guess that's more of a want than a need, but still. One day I'll get past my fear of lasers shooting into my eyes. One day. Until then I'll continue putting plastic things on my eyeballs.

Yeah, forget about a lunch break. I can eat later while I work. It's time for a nap break.


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