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Sorry to post one entry right after another, but I thought the one about B was deserving of its own post.

I haven't heard from Allison. Not one word. I'm starting to think that Steve told her that he talked to me. I can't think of any other reason that she would just leave me alone completely. It has been SO nice though. No complaints! Maybe this whole thing is over and done with. I sure hope so! Whether it is or not, I still feel so incredibly relieved after everything that Steve told me. Allison's complete lack of contact just makes me feel that much better.

I'm supposed to start thinking of baby names. Jenny basically put me in charge of choosing her first name. Obviously she'll veto it if she doesn't like it lol. It's not like she wants me to be 100% responsible for it...ultimately it will be a joint decision. But said she wants me to come up with at least a few names I like, since she named Evan. I got off easy with him. I knew I wanted part of his name to be Jeremy, after my twin, obviously, but I didn't want to actually call him Jeremy. I think that would have been weird. Jenny picked the name Evan, but we liked the sound of Jeremy Evan more than Evan Jeremy, so Evan's first name is actually Jeremy. We have just never called him that. Soooo since I got off easy with that one, I have to be more creative with this one and actually think of names that I like. Well, I have a few names that I like, but I need Jenny's middle name ideas. It would help if Jenny would settle on a middle name, so I at least had something to go off of! I'm making it sound like it's ALL up to me, but it's not. Like I said, ultimately we'll decide on a name together...first and middle. But yeah...that's something I'm supposed to be thinking about. I guess it's kind of cool.

I feel like Jenny's pregnancy is going by SO slowly! She's still in the 17th week. Toward the end of it, but still. It probably seems like it's going by slowly because of all the problems she had during the first trimester. That, and because we're both so excited. It seems like it went by a lot faster when she was pregnant with Evan! Of course, that's only how it seems in hindsight. I'm sure it wasn't really that way. It probably seemed like it was taking forever then, too. Jenny and I are just SO eager and excited to meet our little girl, and Evan can't wait to have a baby sister. He's still REALLY excited about the baby, which I'm very happy about.

Ugh, I still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do. The shit with Allison put me even further behind than I would have been otherwise. I still would have been behind, like I always am, but not THIS far behind. I'd better get on it, fast, before the crowds get even worse. Thank God for online shopping...at least I can do some of it that way. About half of what I've bought so far was bought online. Haha. It's the easy, lazy way to shop! It's nice to be able to buy stuff in the middle of the night, and not have to go anywhere.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm watching Bad Santa right now. I love this movie. It's on MTV though, so it's edited and there are commercials. Oh well. I was surprised that MTV was actually playing something I like. I don't really want to get started on the subject of the shit that is MTV though haha. I have this movie, but somehow the DVD disappeared. The case is there, the disk isn't. Very convenient.

Anyway...I suppose I'll shut up for now. It's nice to go be able to post about happy things again though. :)


Nov. 15th, 2005 04:23 am
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What names sound good when paired with Jeremy? I have already written about this, but my son's first or middle name will be Jeremy, after my late twin brother. We're not sure if it will be his first or middle yet, because we haven't thought of any names to go with it. Haha.

So yeah...suggestions?


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