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I'm sitting at a family party and I'm bored, so I'll make a short entry here. I'm just waiting for dessert. Cake AND cheesecake!

Ella actually kind of crawled today. KIND OF. She took one half-assed step, or whatever you call one little crawl movement. Then she almost did another one but just kinda dragged one leg and plopped down. Like always. She's so lazy. Good thing she's cute.

Speaking of Ella, one of my worst fears has come true. She loves Elmo. Fuck my life. I was hoping she'd skip the Elmo phase. I'm going to have to relive the terror all over again. Hearing "La la la la la la la la Elmo's world!" hundreds of times is pure torture. Luckily we're not there yet, but she has this talking Elmo book that she loves. I hate it. I want to smash the talking part of it, or take the batteries out, or just throw the whole thing away. Jenny said I'll be in big trouble if I do lol. Normally I wouldn't want to do that to something one of my kids love, but fuck. She has a giggling baby Elmo, too. Elmo was even annoying as a baby, apparently.  I hate that little red furry motherfucker so much. They should just get rid of Elmo entirely now that the guy quit after that whole scandal. I wish. Elmo is an annoying pedophile who teaches kids to speak in the third person. If you can't tell, I REALLY hate Elmo!

Both of my kids are cheesecake freaks. Good taste. I wish I would've taken a video of Ella eating it. I think it was the first time she's tried it, but I'm not sure. Every time we'd give her a bite, she'd yell "Mmmmmmm!" and a couple times she even did some kind of growl type thing with it lol. She was like a little cheesecake monster.

I can't believe I'm going to be rooting for the 49ers tomorrow. That is NOT normal for me. But they're the lesser of two evils.

Man, my stomach hurts. I blame the vegetables. I ate like three whole servings of vegetables today. That's like...at least a whole week's worth normally. But you know...family dinner party. As a vegetarian, that's kinda what you eat. Vegetables and rolls. And of course dessert. I really am the worst vegetarian ever.

Sweet. Now it's time to go home. I've been writing this forever haha. Jenny made me get off my phone for a while to go visit more. I thought they were visiting just fine without me, but I guess not. Jenny's brother-in-law and I were told to shut off the video game and put away the phone and come visit haha. We said we were visiting with each other. Jenny and her sister gave us both the same look at the same time. A look that obviously meant "I'm not kidding, do what I say and get your asses in here now!" The women in Jenny's family have looks like that perfected. Seriously. Jenny doesn't even have to say anything a lot of the time...I can always tell what she's thinking or what she wants just by the looks she gives. Jenny, her sister, and her mom are all insanely good at that. Jenny especially. It's crazy. I knew she meant business when she gave me that look, so my phone went in my pocket immediately lol. And Jenny's sister's husband game went off immediately. Looks can be powerful.

Home. Nice. I'm going to go sit around and be lazy. Well, not for a couple hours, I guess. Ella can go to bed as soon as we get home, but there's no way in hell Evan will go to bed before 10:30 on a weekend. Absolutely no way. Even when he's really tired, he refuses. He says it's his right lol. I don't even try to argue with him. He's as stubborn as I am...which is really fucking stubborn haha.

I have to go help Jenny with Ella's whole bedtime routine now. I'll be back later, un less I go read. But my ADD doesn't usually let me do that for very long stretches of time haha. If you guys are doing anything for the Super Bowl, have fun and don't cheer for the Ravens!

This turned out to be not so short. Like usual.

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