Mar. 19th, 2013

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I need a drama-free entry, so this will just be about random things.

Tomorrow is the last day of work until April 1st! Hell yes! I'm so excited about that. I don't have to work for the two days before the wedding, and I have all of next week off for the honeymoon. I'm not going to even do so much as check my work e-mail once as soon as I leave work tomorrow. Not until I go back. It's going to be so nice. I'm sick of work right now.

Do you know what's just about the best thing ever? Reese's Minis. The tiny ones, that come in a bag unwrapped. They're amazing, and seriously addicting. "Servings Per Container: about 6" Hahahaha yeah right. Not even. More like two. Possibly three. Do you know what else are fucking delicious? Peachie-Os. Those gummy peach ring things. I'm happy to say that I have both of them right next to me right now.

There are so many shows about aliens on TV. It's insane. Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens are rednecks? Oftentimes redneck farmers. I find that interesting, and pretty telling. It's funny. I just turned on the TV and there's nothing on, so I'm watching this new alien show on the Science channel. Right now they're talking about aliens being so intelligent and evolved that they're robots. Do you know what show I find fucking hilarious? That Ancient Aliens show. Some of the stuff is weird and kind of interesting, but most of it is just plain ridiculous. It's comical. Michio Kaku is on this new show? Nice. It's called Aliens: The Definitive Guide. At least this one has some science to it, unlike Ancient Aliens. They just need to put Neil deGrasse Tyson on here. He's the coolest scientist out there, by far. Michio is pretty cool too though. Just not in the same way.

I was flipping through one of Jenny's Cosmo magazines, and holy shit...the way they phrase things is so fucking stupid. I wish I had it next to me for specific examples. I could go get it, but I don't care that much. Plus I'm lazy. But some of the things they write in there are just ridiculous. I'm mostly talking about what they say and how they say it, not the subjects they're talking about. It's funny to read. Speaking of women's magazines, there are so many ads in them. It's insane. I know that all magazines have a lot of ads, but DAMN! And even a lot of pages that aren't technically ads are basically ads, because they show beauty products, clothes, jewelry, etc. and tell you how much they are and where to get them. That's basically still advertising. It's ad, ad, scented ad, ad, page full of stuff that's basically an ad, ad, smelly perfume ad, ad, article, ad, another perfume ad you can smell, ad, ad, article, ad, quiz, ad, ad, perfume smelling ad, and so on and so forth.

Damn, I already ate half of this bag of Reese's minis.

They have too many celebrity or semi-celebrity competition celebrity shows. Now there's one about swimming? Seriously?

There are too many stupid reality shows in general. They should just give me one. Even the short description you'd get on your TV for the pilot episode would be more interesting (or at least more intriguing) than most. "A recovering addict and his borderline ex-wife remarry and raise their two children in a household that's anything but normal."

That's not entirely true...aside from our relationship, our household is pretty normal. Our relationship is a pretty big part of the whole household thing though, so I don't know. But that's enough relationship stuff for this entry.

Ella has started pulling herself up and standing while holding onto the coffee table. Maybe she'll start walking soon. She'll be 11 months old on Saturday. This is the baby who was too lazy to crawl for a long time though, so who knows. But it seems like she's on the path to walking.

Steve Carrell is on Chelsea Lately and he has grey hair. It's weird. I wonder if it's for a role or if he's going with the grey thing now. Either way, it threw me off.

I can't imagine having grey hair. I have yet to find a single grey hair. I hope it stays that way for a long time. I know some people who started getting grey hairs when they were quite a bit younger than I am. 33 might not be all that young, but it's too young for that. I think I'm safe though. My dad had dark hair and it stayed that way for a long time. It was still dark with no visible grey hair when he left us. I'm trying to think of how old he was then. Early 40s I guess. And my mom is in her mid-fifties and doesn't have very much grey in her hair. She dyes it, but she doesn't have very much grey naturally. So I think I'm good for a while. But when I'm not, I'm dying it. I can't imagine having grey hair. At least not before the age of like...60.

I don't know what other random things to talk about, so I'll just stop here.


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