Feb. 3rd, 2013

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I fucked myself. Not literally. Jenny said I reminded her that she needed to buy more of her eye cream. So that's how I fucked myself, by asking her a question about it. She said she needed that and some primer something or other...I don't know what. I just said "ok" without really listening. Her purse was upstairs, so she asked for my debit card instead. It's the same account, so it doesn't really matter. We have separate ones too, but yeah...that's beside the point. I just looked at our bank account and she just spent $238 in like five minutes on the Sephora website. I asked her about it, and she said, "Uh...well, yeah, I needed some other stuff too." I said, "Needed or wanted?" and she said, "Well, a little bit of both." Haha.

God, women are expensive.

I guess I can't talk. I buy myself stuff on Amazon on a whim. Not over $200 worth of stuff at a time though. Damn. She can spend money so fast it's ridiculous. It took her no time at all to find and buy everything she wanted or "needed." She grew up getting everything she wanted, and really, that hasn't changed much. A little, but not much. I'm an enabler lol.

Ross and Rachel are breaking up, and it makes me sad. It's a sad episode. I think I might cry. Not really. It is sad though.

Seriously, though...being a guy is SO much less expensive than being a woman. It's insane. It's especially less expensive than being Jenny. I will never understand how or why she needs to continually spend so much money on things like that. It's like it's never enough. I think maybe she has a little bit of the Hungry Ghost inside of her too haha.

I need to go take NyQuil or something. It's 1:30 and I'm wide awake. I won't be able to sleep for hours. I'm afraid NyQuil will knock me out for way too long though. This is quite the dilemma.

We're supposed to go to a friend's house for a Super Bowl party tomorrow. Jenny doesn't care either way, and I kind of don't want to go. I'd rather just stay home and watch it with B. I know his friend is coming over to watch it, and I'd really rather just have my friend Nick come over and watch it with B and his friend at my house. I'm such an old, boring fuck now. I'm spending my Saturday night at home on the internet, and I want to stay at home being lazy for the Super Bowl instead of going to a Super Bowl party. I'm just going to blame the little cold I have instead of my age and boringness (yes, that's a word...at least in my book). Then I can feel less lame. Well, I guess staying home on a Saturday night is pretty normal for me now that I have kids. But skipping out on a Super Bowl party to sit at home? That's a once a year thing. I shouldn't want to stay home for it.

Dammit, Ella just woke up. Jenny is asleep, so I'd better go see what she needs. Probably nothing. She just likes to cry in the middle of the night. I think she enjoys waking us up. It really does seem that way sometimes. Well sorry, Ella...but I'm already awake. You lose your little game this time.

Super Bowl

Feb. 3rd, 2013 01:32 pm
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I don't really care about the Super Bowl at all this year. I kind of don't really even feel like watching it. Not only am I blowing off a Super Bowl party, I might just blow off the Super Bowl altogether. Or at least most of it. I can't really see myself watching the whole thing because I just don't care that much. I don't care about the 49ers. I don't care about the Ravens (although I want them to lose). I sure as hell don't care about Beyonce.

I'll probably watch it anyway, although I think a nap sounds like a much better idea.

Jenny wants to see Beyonce. Evan wants to see commercials. B and his friend actually care about the game. So I care the least out of everyone haha. Except Ella. Ella's on my side. She doesn't care either. B's girlfriend made this amazing salsa, so I'm going to eat the shit out of that. I guess I'm excited about one thing.

It's weird to be so apathetic about the Super Bowl. But, uh...go niners!
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Jenny sent this to my phone, and it made me think of some of you haha. Actually, quite a few of you. And maybe myself, too.

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Evan has been begging us for a dog for quite a while now. I told him that we have a cat, and that's good enough. He said it's not the same. Jenny was on my side, but apparently she's starting to shift sides. She and Evan are watching the Puppy Bowl, and when I got up to get a drink, Jenny came with me and said, "Those puppies are really cute. Maybe getting a dog wouldn't be so bad."

I'm going to bring one of these things home. I'm pretty sure she'd eat her words.

Actually, no...because I'd be the one cleaning up dinosaur shit.

Sorry if I post a bunch of random entries today. I'm bored, and like I said earlier, not too interested in this year's Super Bowl.
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I keep updating this stupid entry haha. That's ok. Beyonce is on right now, and apparently Ella likes her. She's bouncing around doing a little baby dance. It's pretty fucking cute. She's learning how to be bootylicious at a very early age.

I don't especially like Beyonce, but damn...she can shake it like no other. Jenny was like, "You're paying way more attention to Beyonce than you have to the whole Super Bowl so far." I told her that if the football players had bodies like that and could move like that, I'd be paying attention to them, too. Well, maybe not guys with bodies like that...that would be a little weird. But you catch my drift. I'm not a fan, but I have to admit...Beyonce is pretty fucking hot. She has an amazing body. I love curves like that.

I just realized that I can't root for the 49ers. If they won, they'd have more Super Bowl wins than the Cowboys. So I'm pulling a Romney and flip flopping. This Super Bowl is kinda boring so far. So far the commercials aren't too great, either. Evan laughed his ass off at that Doritos one with the goat though. When the goat made that weird high pitched noise, Evan about keeled over and died laughing lol. It was pretty funny to watch him. Now he wants a goat instead of a dog. So easily swayed...

Speaking of Evan, here's a little conversation we had about an hour ago:

Evan: Dad, why are you wearing a Cowboys hoodie?
Me: Because they're my team.
Evan: Yeah, but they're not playing.
Me: I know. And with the way they've been playing for a long time now, they'll probably never play in the Super Bowl again.
Evan: So why are you wearing their shirt today?
Me: Because I don't care about the other teams, so I'm supporting my team.
Evan: Yeah, but WHY? They're not playing, so it doesn't matter.
Me: I just felt like it, Ev. It's the principle of the thing. I guess. I don't know.
Evan: You're weird.
Me: I know.
Evan: Maybe next time you should root for a team that's actually playing.
Me: Probably.
Evan: You should probably learn how the Super Bowl works, Dad.


Everyone thinks it's weird that I like the Cowboys. I'm originally from Boston and spent 20 years of my life there, so I "should" like the Patriots. I fucking hate the Patriots though. It started as an act of rebellion lol. Well, as a kid I liked the Cowboys star, because I thought it was cool. But after that, it was kind of a rebellious thing. Pretty much everyone loved the Patriots, so I decided to hate them. My dad was a huge Patriots fan, and that was the deciding factor. I sure as hell didn't want to like his team. So I went for the Cowboys. I hate all Boston teams for the same reason. I don't like baseball AT ALL...I think it's boring as fuck. But I'd wear Yankees stuff sometimes just to piss off all the Red Sox fans. That rivalry is CRAZY. People actually get fucking pissed about that. Bostonians hate the Yankees so much it's insane, and vice versa. So yeah, that's the story of why I like the Cowboys. Plus we were fucking AMAZING back in the '90s, when we had Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. Now the Cowboys are just sad, and they have been for quite some time now. It's a little disheartening.

Evan just cracked up at another Doritos commercial. I see who's winning his "best commercials" vote.

I'm really not paying much attention to this game. The best part of it is watching Evan's reaction to some commercials lol.

Jenny is paying attention to a couple of the football players that she thinks are hot, and claims that football players have "cute butts in those tight little pants."


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